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Skhanda 2 is finally released!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Skhanda Republic was K.O’s first solo album – independent, and with it, pioneering a new sound with features from his then partners in the dust movement, Ma-E, Kid X, Moozlie, Vigilante and Maggz. The whole thing was looking like the ultimate win, and we saw them as the saviours of SA hip-hop, as they ushered in a new and authentic sound.

Fast forward a few years later, a lot has happened, in both the music industry and the Cashtime Life stable.

With these changes, I imagine that the Skanda Gawd aka K.O. has undergone a tremendous transformation too. From his then label mates, Maggz, Kid X, and Moozlie leaving the stable, to him no longer being as close with the ones I believe he considered family and got into the game with, Ntukza and Ma-E from Teargas.

The release of Skhanda Republic 2 was something I was patiently waiting on, for three whole years. Mainly to hear what K.O had to say about everything, at the same time get a sense of where he is mentally and spiritually because he’s not very open outside of music so the best place to find him, was his music. This is SR2, the rebirth of the Son Of A Gun.

when listening to songs on his album such as "Above The Water,",a rather deep introduction to the project where we see K.O take us back to the first day it all started – October 13th the day of his birth in Baragwanath Hospital. Touching on his childhood and being the second born to Jabu and Thembeni, expressing his wonder and awe on how they managed to raise them of government cheques and his father being a part-time pastor at his church.

This intro immediately makes it clear that he wanted to let us know who Ntokozo really is and where K.O draws his strength expressing himself with words like “You were raising a bunch of boys even though you never had much, mara nenza sure ukuthi ifamily isharp, no we never thank you enough. I’m puzzled to this day from just what I observed cause you had everything your babies needed, covered through the work you did for the government” and goes on to express his appreciation and apologies for the years past and mistakes he mad

K.O has definitely been out of the music scene for a good minute. However, we are happy to have him back.@MrCashtime

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