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Zahara Wants Her Millions

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Multi-award winner, singer-songwriter Zahara claims she is owed millions by her former record label TS Records owned by TK Nciza and Sbu Leope.

Zahara claims she was underpaid for her performances, record label sales and royalties from her songs being aired. This comes after her being in the headlines for the past week, stating that she had been seeking help for her drinking problems and has now been sober for 5 months.

She has made claims for her biggest selling album “Loliwe” where she had sold more than 500 000 copies. She is currently working with her legal team; to calculate the exact amount owed to her.

Her former producer laughed off claims, stating that he hasn’t worked with Zahara for years, and her top three albums combined could not have made that much money.

“Now that things are going bad she wants to make an excuse and point fingers.”

Zahara has stated "I want my money back, all of it. Many artists suffer in silence, suffer depression and ultimately die paupers. I won't be a statistic. I will speak out."

Let’s hope this matter gets resolved speedily and this sheds a light on other artists out there to be educated on the music industry.

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