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Judith Sephuma’s Power of Dreams

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Queen of Afro-Jazz Judith Sephuma invited a handful of guests for a private performance where she revealed her newest jazz album, called Power of Dreams. This is her 8th studio album after last album back in 2017 called My Worship.

The singer revealed that during her two-year sabbatical she rediscovered herself and became more self-confident. Before the break, Judith revealed that she felt suffocated by the lack of growth or excitement in her career.

“The sabbatical gave me the space to appreciate myself as a woman, just appreciating this thing called a woman”

She performed a few songs from her new album release. Judith recorded her album at Orange Peel Studios in Atlanta, mixed and mastered by The ACE Media Group Inc. in Atlanda GA – is produced by Judith herself, and US based Joseph Williams, who has worked with great artists and bands such as Prince, Bobby Brown, BBD and the Circle View, as well as being Judith Sephuma’s musical director while in South Africa.

The first song on the album, opens up with a Samba feel good happy song Dance inspired by the love Sephuma has for her friends that she describes as “great friends that I will not trade for anything and have been the same friends”

“Power of Dreams will not only appeal to jazz aficionados but to all music lovers out there,” concludes Sephuma.

“The power of writing your own songs is you own the narrative and you own your throne.”

The album will be released on Friday 10th May 2019.

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