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Amanda Black to Perform at the Essence Festival.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Amanda Black shares how positive thinking has helped her achieve her dreams. With all of life’s disappointments and failures Amanda encourages her fans to have positive thinking. She posted a video on Instagram with a caption “speak your life into existence!” The singer is well known for her hit song Amazulu. She talks about how she badly wanted to be in the Essence Festival line up that was held in 2017, “I really wanted to be on the line-up and there was a lot of stuff that happened so I ended up not doing the gig," she discloses. Amanda shares with her fans how disappointed and hurt she was. “I was in such pain” she added. With all that pain and hurt she told herself that she'll be on the main stage.

Amanda is one of the confirmed acts at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, USA 2019. She'll be sharing the stage with music icons, Missy Elliott, Mary J Blige, Teyana Taylor and Nas to mention a few. As the singer encourages more on positive thinking she adds “I spoke it into existence. I worked towards it without even really thinking about it. God opened doors for me to get there. Clearly positive thinking is a thing. You speak your life into negativity. If you’re always negative, you stay in that darkness.” All the best at the Festival Amanda Black! as Amanda would say "Livumile icamagu."

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