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ProKid’s Movie Gets Put on hold!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

In memory of our late Hip-Hop star Linda Mkhize otherwise known as Prokid, a movie titled Dankie Son was set to come out. Syd Money broke the news on The Take off. He also added that he was busy with the movie. The latest update from Syd Money is that the film is now put on hold, as he is consulting with the late rapper’s family about the film.

As eager as he was to start the film, he has to put it on hold as per the family’s request.

“The family sat down with him and it seemed there were no conclusive plans. They will not stop him from making a movie. They simply wanted to understand what it was that he was looking to do. He spoke out of excitement.”

Sandile Mkhize, ProKid’s younger brother, was taken aback by the news of a film. “As a family, we’re far from engaging on any movie as we’re still wrapping up my brother’s estate,” he said.

He also added that “any decisions about the film will be taken with consideration of his daughter.”

We hope they reach an agreement soon.

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