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Kwesta Khethile Khethile

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Rapper Senzo Vilakazi, known as Kwesta has released his music video Khethile Khethile, meaning once you have made a choice there is no turning back.

The song talks about the rapper’s journey to choosing the love of his life Yolanda Mvelase now Yolanda Vilakazi.

The video shows their parts of their wedding.

"I knew that I was getting into a family and a family was getting into mine. I was uniting families. I knew I was embracing the romance that I have with this lovely woman. And that's what I wanted to capture in the song," said kwesta.

The rapper said that it was important that the song doesn't lose what people associate him to. "It sounds genuinely South African.And the story is genuinely me.”

Kwesta said that they didn't plan to shoot the song's video during the wedding. He said that the song wasn't finished yet when the wedding happened.

According to the rapper, someone from his team was shooting clips from the wedding and when he saw the clips. He decided they needed to go with the song.

"Expect the music to capture what I am going through very truthfully and honestly. As an artist, I am tired of selling a facade of something. It's never going to be a facade if you hear it from me from now on," said the rapper.

Take a look at the video.

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