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Zahara responds to DJ Sbu.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

DJ Sbu has been trending on social media for allegedly owing Zahara. The tweeps were asking him to pay back the musician before giving people some advise about money.

DJ Sbu then decided to clear his name on TV by saying that Zahara owes TS Records, and that among other things, he spent money rehabilitating Zahara from her alcohol addiction.

Zahara took to Instagram to respond to what DJ Sbu has said by sending a video.

The multi-award winning singer said she did 3 albums with TS Records as well as a live DVD.

As for the rehabilitation and hospital visits, she doesn’t know where it all fits in with what she’s requesting for, and that she is still requesting for the money she is owed.

We hope they reach an agreement soon.

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