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Mlindo’s "Egoli" Hits Over 5 Million Streams!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Mlindo’s single titled Egoli has reached over 5 million streams.

The single has resonated with fans because it soulfully talks about the importance and struggles of moving away from family to earn a living to help keep the bills paid.

“I still cannot believe this is my life and my dreams are coming true! I am so grateful to all my supporters and inkabi yam, uSjava, for seeing something in me and agreeing to be on this song name”, he said.

His fans have been begging the talented vocalist to shoot the video for Egoli and Mlindo has finally heeded their call, saying that he had many opportunities to shoot the video, but he had to make sure that everyone understood his vision.

“I love this song very much, and I wanted to make sure that the video was exactly what I wanted, so I refused to shoot until we all agreed on the vision”, said the vocalist.

Look out for the new Egoli music video dropping this Friday.

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