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Kwesta Ends Club Career.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Kwesta shocked a lot of his fans when he announced that he'll be ending his club gig career this July.

Some of his fans understood why he would end his club gigs as he just recently got married to his long-life partner Yolanda Mvelase, in March, whilst others jokingly blamed his wife, accusing her of demanding that he stopped his club performances.

Fans cited that club performances usually involve many beautiful women who might tempt him into cheating, hence his decision to stay away from such environments.

Other fans who supported Kwesta believed that it was because he has grown so much in popularity that he could afford to only perform at big festivals and concerts and still be financially secure.

Some fans were however very disappointed because the club performances are smaller and more intimate, and are more affordable for them to attend.

Kwesta is yet to announce when and where his last club performance will be.

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