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DJ Zinhle Lays it all Down.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

On Enhle Mbali’s new debut talk show titled Sincerely Yours DJ Zinhle opened up about her relationship with her current boyfriend and father of her child AKA.

Enhle opens up the interview with a quote from Zinhle which stated, “Everything is where it should be,” Zinhle elaborated that she still stands by her sentiment, which helped her understand that she needed to go through a scandal to be where she is today.

DJ Zinhle has always kept her comments on AKA’s cheating to herself and her first statement on the matter is that she did not go back to the father of her child because of their daughter, but because she wanted to.

The second point that Zinhle made, was that going through the cheating scandal publicly made her stronger. “Because I feel like, if it wasn’t public, I would have to lie more to myself than I did, she expressed.

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