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Nyoni Yezulu by Zakes Bantwini ft. Leroy Styles

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Zakes Bantwini has collaborated with one of the slickest European DJ's, Leroy Styles on his new single titled Nyoni Yezulu.

Bantwini recently launched his live electronic one-man show, where he mixes live and performs over his tracks and builds vocals to provide an offering that bridges the gap between live performance and a studio recording.

“We linked up with Leroy while I was doing my tour in Rotterdam last year, so we’ve sent each other some beats and then I wrote into a song, I sent chorus, it was a back and forth trying to understand they wanted to take with the song." Zakes explains.

He also explained the meaning behind the song, “Nyoni Yezulu is weather bird. I’m talking about this bird which signifies the light in my life. There’s some darkness that has been overcoming me, so I’m asking the weather bird to help me navigate this life thing."

He said Nyoni Yezulu was different to other songs he’d written before. “It’s such a deep song. It’s one of those amazing songs. It will rock the club from Europe to South Africa, to Angola and Burkina Faso. It’s one of those songs."

Listen up.

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