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Rick Jade’s Bonita.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Priddy Ugly and Bontle Modiselle have released a music video for their third single together titled Bonita.

The couple’s collective stage name is Rick Jade and the release of the music video had the dual function of promoting their new single and announcing the couple’s first pregnancy.

The music video was shot at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, which has the couple leading viewers through artistic shots of them as they feature as part of the works in the gallery.

The song is vocally led by Priddy Ugly, who sings the love song to both his partner and their unborn child. Starting with a touching love note from the couple to their fans, stating, “In celebration of our ten-year union. We present to you “Bonita”- a beautiful dedication to our unborn child. Today, Tomorrow and every other day, choose to celebrate life and love.”

A must see.

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