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Music Is King Is Returning!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

DJ Black Coffee continues to lead the music industry revolution, announcing the return of his concert series, Music is King. In 2018, Music is King made its debut when fans were invited to a night of music, with some of the biggest acts around the world. This year promises to be bigger than the previous concert series which took place last year. Black Coffee announced that the concert will be taking place in Johannesburg on 14 December at the Ticketpro Dome, and in Durban on 15 December 2019 at Kings Park Outer Fields. Black Coffee shared a message with all his fans explaining the concert and reason behind the series, “basically, I'm putting together a show that is fully driven by music. I'm at a space where I'm starting to create music that is not described or pigeonholed into a genre and I feel that music should be celebrated and not divided. It divides people and beliefs but this show is all about celebrating music. It's not about house music it's not about hip hop it's all about the celebration of music," he said. An album was also released in honor of the concert, with authentic South African artists. This year, the concert promises to deliver!

Be sure to go get your tickets!

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