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DJ Zinhle Umlilo Music Video.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

DJ Zinhle plans to give her fans a chance to be part of her Umlilo music video.

Taking to her social media pages, DJ Zinhle posted the promotional poster announcing the chance to be a part of the music video. In her caption to the post, she said, “You could be part of #UmliloMusicVideo…Will share details later today.”

One of the first fans to comment expressed their excitement about the possibility of being part of the music video and meeting the DJ, saying, “[We thank you, sister]. This means a lot, not for the fame though… Just to see you in real life.”

Other fans were equally excited about the opportunity but comically shared their shortcomings at the prospect of being featured on the upbeat single. One follower confessed, “Yes please! but, I can’t dance.” Another fan who shared the same sentiments said, “I can’t dance though, but I want to be there.”

Another fan offered their fire-fighting expertise, humorously referring to the single’s title, writing, “Hi, DJ Zinhle, I’m a good fire fighter. Please add me!”

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