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Nadia Nakai Free Copies!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Rapper Nadia Nakai gave away free copies of her debut album, Nadia N*ked as part of the promotional run in Ojuelegba, Lagos.

The Imma Boss hitmaker has since been sharing her journey with her local fans, through her social media pages. Her latest post revealed that she is promoting the album in the streets on Nigeria.

She posted a video showing the good act with a caption “I was in Ojuelegba [Lagos] just yesterday and never did I feel unsafe or not welcome…they knew I was South African! It should never be okay to attack and hurt innocent people because a criminal came from their country!” Nadia Nakai faced backlash from her followers for her caption, with many followers labelling her Zimbabwean. The star later took to social media to defend her sentiments.

In her reply, she wrote, “We have a whole South African evil man who committed a hideous crime while having so many other crimes against women every day in South Africa, but we don’t walk around [beating] up every South African man we see! The violence needs to stop…”

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