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Lady Zamar’s "Imagine That" Thread.

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Lady Zamar started a thread with a disclaimer writing, “I am going to post a few Imagine that scenarios…”

Her first scenario she wrote “Imagine being dumped every time you disagree with them? Totally about 10 times until Ure so tired you end up leaving then they tell everyone y’all are still together ... Imagine that?”

After the first scenario it was evident to what message she was trying to bring across.

The scenarios described the emotional rollercoaster of a toxic relationship. Each scenario described how a person starts off being emotionally abusive then mentally abusive until they try and extinguish your self-esteem. In the scenario she continually expresses issues of infidelity too.

A follower was direct in their comment, stating “I want to imagine that it is not Sjava but the first scenario has convinced it is him. “Imagine having someone sing about love so beautifully but…”

Lady Zamar posted that she has “Shared true factual scenarios things and actions we often take for granted and when our friends tell us we do the whole “Oh okay” instead of acting. Stop abuse before it starts. Recognize the signs”

She continued by saying, “You start seeing how crappy your situation was, the nasty dirty truth of it when you finally have overcome it and you are on the other side enjoying every bit of the sunshine. Love is a diamond!”

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