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Cotton Fest 2020 Returns!

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Cotton Fest is best known for showcasing the musical diversity within the various Hip-Hop sounds, styles and local movements. Cotton Fest 2020 will bring together and unite over 100 acts divided over 2 stages, simultaneously celebrating fashion in its various spheres too!

“This one-day urban music and fashion explosion is back with plans to be even bigger and better,” Riky Rick explains.

“apart from the huge support we got from young people last year, the love we received for our simple logo was just insane. We were never ready for it to be honest, so we decided to flip it up again for the festival next year, we kept the aesthetic clean and fresh…We tried to keep in tune with the drip, keeping in the fun and light heartendness,” he went on to say.

The return of this years fest, will be held at Old Park Station in Johannesburg, same as last year on the 1st February 2020.

Early bird tickets are now on sale!

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