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Afrika Is The Future

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Kid Fonque and John Miller have released a one of a kind music video featuring the vocally gifted Khensy for their Deep House hit – Afrika Is The Future. The dance track celebrates African culture, its values and environment in the modern new age. In this eye-stimulating video which has been shot in docu-style, Khensy showcases her perspective on spirituality. Afrika Is The Future amplifies all the unheard stories, sounds and ideas that come from our beautiful and diverse continent. Stream and listen to Afrika Is The Future here>> Catch Afrika Is The Future as our Video Of The Week on SA MusicCH135! #KidFonque #JonnyMiller #Khensy #AfrikaIsTheFuture #SAMusicVideoOfTheWeek #SAMusicCH135 #OpenViewForever

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