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Banaba'des have something new OUT NOW!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Banaba'des have something new OUT NOW! | The powerhouse of a duo that is Banaba'des have come into the music space with a flavour of their own and caught our eye🤩with their bold and bright signature fashion style, along with their stand-out musical talent! The pair have also featured on Alfa Kat's "Phone Yam" as well as his other well known hit single "Yebo Malume", which is where you might've first been captured by their sound. There's no denying that these ladies are in fact #Dese which is what they reiterate in their new single "Ke Dese" which is out now! Listen to "Ke Dese" right here on Spotify >> Let us know if you're enjoying Banaba'des as much as we are!

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