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Blxckie: B4Now

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

With an undeniable talent for producing music, Somnyama Omnyama, AKA Blxckie is one of SA's all round talents, being able to accompany his beats with charismatic vocals. The artist first hit the scene with his debut EP “Eqnx II” in 2019. Since then many have grown to appreciate the unique melodies the artist has been able to create. He followed up on this success with his next EP “Blxck Panda” in 2020 with his debut album released in 2021 titled “B4Now”. The album proves that Blxckie has many hits in him with the skills to produce them. Catch his music here @Spotifysa >> #Blxckie #B4Now #SAMusicChannel135 #OpenViewForever

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