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Busta 929's Gqoz Gqoz

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

DJ and producer Busta 929 has released dope visuals for the track Gqoz Gqoz featuring the rising star Mafidzodzo. At this point the Gqoz Gqoz hitmaker is unstoppable! Just when we are vibing to Undisputed Volume 2, Busta is yet to drop his Undisputed Volume 3 album consisting of 21 tracks with a variety of other Amapiano giants and talented rising stars. The storyline is at the centre of our hearts as we witness Mafidzodzo portray the life of a hustler before he gets his breakthrough in the music industry with Busta portraying as the hero. The dancers set the dancefloor alight as Busta and Mafidzodzo continue to give us beats and vocals to move to. Stream and listen to the Gqoz Gqoz Amapiano track right here >> Catch Gqoz Gqoz as our Video of The Week on SA Music CH135! #Busta929 #Mafidzodzo #GqozGqoz #UndisputedVolume2 #SAMusicVideoOfTheWeek #SAMusicChannel135 #OpenviewForever

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