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Duncan: Straat Sami

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Making a name for himself with hits such as “Straat Sami” and “I Better Go", Duncan Skuva has worked his way to the top through honing his remarkable musical capabilities. With his arrival in the industry he released his debut album “Street Government". Releasing his 2nd album “Balaclava” in 2016 he followed with his 1st EP “The Feels” in 2018, topping off his current works with the masterful “Zakwe & Duncan” released in 2020. The artist’s songs have led up to multiple award nominations at the SA Hip-Hop Awards in the categories of Best Newcomer and Best Rap Album. Find Duncan’s work here @Spotifysa >> #Duncan #DuncanAndZakwe #SAMusicChannel135 #OpenViewForever

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