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Ivan Klautch hopes that we find peace from his new "Galaxies Live Peacefully"

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Isaiah Pisana, professionally known as Ivan Klautch, was born and raised in Mofolo South. This music producer, rapper, songwriter, author and music aggregator, started producing music in the 5th grade. He went on to release his first EP titled "Memories EP" in March 2020, followed by a second EP titled "Kings Of Mofolo" with the collaboration of MduZica. "Galaxies Live Peacefully" is his debut studio album. The album is a spiritual journey of adapting to changes and finding peace in these troubled times. Hence, the title "Galaxies Live Peacefully". The last song on the album titled "New Reality" explains why things will never be the same again, and how times have changed therefore so should we. He has recently launched an online magazine and music platform called th3realk ( The platform helps empower upcoming creatives, content creators and community leaders to share their work, and express their opinions through art. Ivan hopes that one day it will grow and become one of the biggest platforms in the world such as the likes of Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. "Galaxies Live Peacefully" is now available for free downloads and will be available on all digital stores as from the 3rd of September 2021. Follow Ivan Klautch on the socials right here: Twitter >> Facebook >> Instagram >>

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