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JazziDisciples: The Disciples of Piano

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Consisting of Tumelo Manyoni, JazziQ, and Josiah Makoela, Josiah De Disciple, the duo known as JazziDisciples have been entertaining us with their unique composition skills. Creating a name for themselves with performances in some of SA's biggest festivals like the Afropunk Festival and the YTKO 32 Hour Fest, the duo has grown to be widely recognized in the industry. Releasing their first studio album in 2019 titled “Disciples of Piano” the duo would find their work being nominated for Best Amapiano Record at the Dance Music Awards in 2019. More recently JazziQ has released his EP “0303” while Josiah De Disciple released his own EP titled “Spirit of Makoela” which were both released in 2020.

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