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Mhlobo Wami

Updated: Jun 24

The vocally gifted Boohle collaborates with the acclaimed DJ and producer Woza Sabza to release a visually captivating music video for their track – Mhlobo Wami. These musical sensations join forces with the talented Mkhari and Mr. Abie to create a sonic piece that explores the importance of self-reflection and acknowledging those who have been pillars of support. Mhlobo Wami gives a preview of what we can expect from Boohle’s upcoming album, Umhlobo which is set to be released on June 14, 2024! Stream and listen to Mhlobo Wami here>> Catch Mhlobo Wami as our Video Of The Week only on SA Music CH135. #Boohle #WozaSabza #Mkhari #MrAbie #MhloboWami #SAMusicVideoOfTheWeek #SAMusicChannel135

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