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The Langa Linye hit-maker has released captivating visuals for his latest tune – Njalo. Mduduzi Ncube partners with the renowned band, Mafikizolo. As anticipated, Mduduzi graces the composition with his trademark silky vocals, pouring his emotions into every note of this romantic melody. The music video serves as a timeless narrative of romance, skillfully portraying the tale of love's blossoming. With the infusion of Mafikizolo's musical prowess, the song gains an even richer texture which is a courtesy of their soothing harmonies and impeccable vocal delivery. This combination of exceptional talents elevates Njalo into an anthem of affection that resonates deeply with listeners. Stream and listen to Njalo here>> Catch Njalo as our Video Of The Week only on SA Music CH135. #MduduziNcube #Mafikizolo #Njalo #SAMusicVideoOfTheWeek #SAMusicChannel135

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