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Snotkop dominating throughout his career

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Having dominated the genres of Pop, Rap, Sokkie, and Kwaito throughout his career, Snotkop who was known as Lekgoa up until 2005, is on our radar this Friday! In June of this year Snotkop celebrated his five year anniversary of his 2016 "HKGK" album, which was featured as a 'classic album of the week' on Apple music, that he says he had so much fun recording and brought him "such amazing memories that he'll never forget." Since the "HKGK" album, Snotkop has gone on to release his "Sous" album that dropped in 2018 and his 2019 single "Pens En Pootjies" which you can catch on SA Music CH135 on our 'Kaans show at 10AM - 11AM Monday to Friday and catch the repeats at 7PM - 8PM Monday to Friday. Listen to "Pens En Pootjies" right here on Spotify to get your Friday started! >> #Snotkop #HKGK #Sous #PensEnPootjies #Kaans #SAMusicChannel135 #OpenViewForever

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