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Undenza Ntoni

Boohle is gracefully concluding the year on a resounding high, adorned with alluring visuals that perfectly match with the soulful vibes of the track – Undenza Ntoni. The vocally gifted songstress teams up with the highly acclaimed duo, Murumba Pitch and the incredible DJ and producer Gaba Cannal. The lyrics take us on a journey that encapsulates the bittersweet nuances of falling passionately in love and the heart-wrenching experience of a heartbreak. Stream and listen to Undenza Ntoni here>> Catch Undenza Ntoni as our Video Of The Week only on SA Music Channel 135. #Boohle #GabaCannal #MurumbaPitch #UndenzaNtoni #SAMusicVideoOfTheWeek #SAMusicCH135

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